The ArcaneType Fair

The Arcane Type Fair, showcases typefaces for up and coming Type Designers.

Reject the mainstream, and bolster your designs with glyphs of the Arcane…

Apple, Blackberry, Cherry, Dreamberry, Elderberry, Firefruit, Grape, Huckleberry, Ickyberry, Jackfruit, Kale, Lemon, Mango, Nectarine, Orange


Sylas Linaría

Elena Ariciña

Carlisle Reign


Chronicles of a Type Designer

Carlisle Reign describes his journey on how he became a Type Designer, his obstacles, his failures and successess.

Dinner and Drinks

Enjoy delectable finger foods and drinks as you talk to fellow attendees and type designers and view various specimens.

Posters Giveaway

Head off to the book stall and grab yourself a free poster.

Piano Performance

Listen to an ethereal array of pieces with original compositions and renditioned lo-fi pieces.


Share contacts to your peers and we’d hope to see you again.

Serene Strawberry
Tasteless Tamarind
Underachieving Ube
Whimsy Watermelon
Xylophonic Xylitol
Yelling Yumberry
Zesty Zalzalak

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