Frequently asked questions

Can I test my text before I buy?

Yes. In any of the /type pages you can paste your copy on the typesetter box and see how the font will work for your project.

How does your Licensing work?

I licence my Fonts for both Desktop + Web into a single bundle. If you’d like another licence outside of that, please contact me. Feel free to read the full Licence.

How long is a Licence valid?

A licence is perpetual (unless otherwise stated in your Order). Please note that licences can’t be transferred or passed on to a third party. Feel free to read the full Licence.

What is the Complete Bundle Package?

The Complete Bundle Package includes the typeface your purchased and all its weights, styles, glyphs and any future weight, style and glyph updates.

How do I get patch updates for my Fonts?

For now, the only way for you to receive the updates is to bookmark your order page /checkout/success/ and click the “Resend Fonts to Email” button. Future versions of the website will implement automated patch update resends and a Customer Portal where you can access purchased Fonts. Thanks for your patience!

How much are patch updates?

Patch updates are free.

Is it possible to purchase only one style for a particular typeface?

Yes. You can select the Complete Bundle option which includes all weights/styles, or just the weight/style you’re after on the /type pages.

Can I modify your Fonts?

No. But I would consider a commission to make a new typeface in the spirit of an existing typeface.

What are some OpenType features in the Fonts?

Small Caps (smcp), Contextual Alternatives (calt), Fractions (frac) and Stylistic Alternatives (ss01).

Do you give refunds if I stop using the font?

No, I don’t give refunds for change of mind. For more info on refunds refer to the Terms and Conditions.

I found a glyph/spacing defect…

Good pickup! Please contact me and put “Typeface Issue” in the subject line. For the most part, I’ll patch it accordingly.

I purchased my Fonts but did not receive them…

Fonts are automatically sent to your nominated email address on payment. In the unlikely event that they didn’t get to you, please contact me and put “Technical Issue” in the subject line. It would also be helpful to know about any error message you come across and where they were.

I’d like to say hi…

That’s very kind of you. Fire your salutations at me.


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